Planning and Scheduling.

There are many ways in which you can plan your teaching subjects and unfortunately one size doesn't fit all, so I advise you try a few different methods and find which works best for you. Alternatively, you don't have to write your lessons plans down at all! Do whatever you feel works best for your teaching style and your family.

I am blessed to have my best friend be a primary school teacher (shout out to my darling sister Rubaya!) and her help and support guided me through the extremely difficult and overwhelming task of beginning to homeschool! Her planning tips are what I continue to use and will be sharing with you.

I formulate a weekly table on the computer, or by hand and fill each week with the units of study, the week we are in of that unit, and a brief outline of the content for each subject every day that week. I also note any spellings we may be focusing on for the week.

I do attempt to spend part of my weekends planning for the coming school week. I like to go over the units from the national curriculum or my own curriculum, do my research, get all the resources required, think up any additional, fun, hands-on learning activities, get my plan written up and ensure our school room is clean and organised, ready for learning on a Monday morning. I also ensure all previous weeks work is dated and filed in the correct subject file and order before the new week begins. To stay on top of the organisation of your child(ren)'s school work is essential because you will be surprised how rapidly paperwork accumulates and the then nightmare task of getting it all into some kind of coherent order at a later date!

Planning can also take the form of a complete unit at a time. Therefore, instead of planning for the week, plan the entire study unit and how you will teach it. Or plan a detailed daily schedule, by slotting subject and material to study each hour of you school day. Whichever way you decide to implement your planning or scheduling remember to make sure you outline your learning objectives, plan any learning activities and how you plan to check for topic understanding.