Science, Geography, History, IT, Art and PE.

These subject areas are cross curricular in our homeschool. I try to pick learning topics that can link into many other areas of study.

For our science studies, I blend both the national curriculum framework with a self created curriculum. This is because I personally, find the science learning framework of the national curriculum a little dry and dull. We often cover the basics, for example, habitats, materials, circuits etc, but then we move onto exciting learning areas which involve hands on experiments since, I find that grips my children's attention and helps them to learn. Topics such as senses, the human body and volcanos, where we used science kits, the children loved! You can purchase some great science kits from most store like, Argos, Hobby Craft, WH Smiths and online on Amazon and eBay.


Our geography syllabus is focused on the children learning about the world they live in. It is made up of learning about different countries, Capital City's, currencies, what the world looks like, different languages and food etc. We have also spent much time looking at the UK, which countries make up the UK and what it means to be British. I used the wonderful Barnaby Bear series to teach about describing places, the environment and weather. There are so many useful resources of Barnaby Bear, his travels and short video clips you can use in your lessons.

History has been about comparing life in the past to today's modern living. For example, the homes and schools in the past compared to homes and schools today. We also compared this living to certain less affluent places today, linking experiences the children had during their travels to less privileged areas of the world. We have looked at castles, what was life in a castle like a very long time ago? Exploring castles and writing a postcard home 100 years ago whilst living in a castle. I found this topic great because you can incorporate field trips to visit castles and trips to museums to supplement learning.

I have also been going through the seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in history. The children have really enjoyed learning about the birth and life of the Prophet (pbuh), life in the desert and life at that time. This prepared my children for their journey to Makkah and Madinah nicely. I found they really appreciated following the footsteps of the Prophet (pbuh) and were blown away by actually visiting the historic sites there.


Information Technology.
The national curriculum requirements for key stage 1 IT are a great starting point for this subject, especially if your not very IT savvy yourself! Although almost all children know about computers and how to use them, going over the basics of what makes up a desktop computer and laptop is recommended. I have been encouraging the children to familiarise themselves with a keyboard and having a play with some of the program's. Adding clip art, enlarging the art, changing font colour and size, saving work, printing out, opening and closing files/programmes and switching off the computer. The children also do work on the IPad, creating holiday albums and many story books on the wonderful book creator application, where there can record segments to add into the book, use photos and even edit these as they choose.


Arts and Crafts/ Creative work.
There is no end to the creative, hands on activities you can include in this subject. I like to focus our arts and crafts on more life skills the children could gain. Thus we have focused on basic stitching, gardening, building, repairing work. I often incorporate arts and crafts box sets that can be purchased from stores and taking the children to craft workshops wherever I can find them! The children appreciate hands on projects, including making clay pottery and painting. Check out your local garden centre for fun, outdoor, crafts activities for children.


Physical Education.
In today's busy yet lazy society, the rates of obesity are on a rapid rise and the game console phenomenon has taken the youth by storm. It has become a struggle to get children to do any physical activities that involves them actually raising their heart rates! PE and encouraging a healthy lifestyle in our children has become more important than ever before. Therefore, our curriculum briefly covers the development of gross motor skills, catching, hand eye coordination and so on, and concentrates more on building strength and stamina. We include circuit training, extremely light weight training and running. My children also attend weekly, private swimming lessons and my eldest son plays football for Oakward FC and Chelsea FC at least four days a week.