Numeracy Curriculum.

Maths with smarties is a fun way of learning and once they have recorded their data, they get to enjoy their sweets!

Wall chart. I printed this display from Teachers Pet (link in 'resources') I then laminated it to becomes a wipe clean, reusable learning aid. I pick a random number every morning and my children answer each question for that particular number.

An especially useful workbook for beginners or those children struggling to tell the time.

Good old flash cards. Great for memorising times stables.

Fun learning aid for shapes. You can purchase from amazon.

A must have learning tool for maths. Any sorts of counting blocks.

Money Bags. Great board game to help children learn how to make change. Can be purchased from Amazon.

Some useful learning aids to have for maths. Numicon is a great system of teaching children to visualise what a number represents.

Foam Frog Clock. My children enjoyed following the instructions to make this foam frog clock. It can be purchased from Tesco Superstore and comes with a pack of time telling flash cards.

My Maths App. Useful iPad app.

Flash To Pass. Useful practice iPad app.

Maths Flash Cards!! Useful iPad app.

Bonds. Brilliant number bonds up to 100 practice iPad app.

Maths Facts. Useful iPad app especially for younger children.

For numeracy, I again follow the national curriculum and use the main website (find link in 'resources') to plan lessons.
The planning structure for the year 2 numeracy curriculum is organised into 5 blocks. These 5 blocks are then split into 3 units each representing 2 or 3 weeks of teaching.

For maths we use a lot more workbooks and iPad apps to supplement learning. We also focus on memorising time tables almost every day.