Product review.

Build A Masjid, counting game.
2-6 players
3-9 years
Seller: Ibraheem Toy House.
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This is a really simple, fun game that children can just get on with independently with no or very little adult assistance. The object of the game is to collect as many coin cards before the masjid puzzle is built- beware of the magpie card because that results in the loss of all your coin cards! The winner is the player with the most coins once the masjid is built.
My children enjoy this game very much and it can get competitive especially when the same player keeps picking up the magpie card! Even my three year old joins in and can easily follow the rules. Overall, Build A Masjid is a great game and one that children can set up, explain the rules and count their coins by themselves which builds their confidence and makes them feel very grown up.

Card Making Kit.
4 years+
Contains: 18 cards, 18 envelopes, 180 stickers.
Seller: Ibraheem Toy House.
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This is such a wonderful product and a great purchase just in time for Eid Al Fitr! My children love making their eid cards every year and cards for pretty much any occasion. The Ibraheem Toy House Card Making Kit contains some really cute stickers, cards and envelopes, all stored in this really handy little box which is just perfect. Love this product and do recommend it.

 Easy Doll Sewing Kit.

Contains: 1 printed doll, children's scissors, 1 sewing needle, 1 small bag of polly stuffing and 1 sewing thread.
Seller: Ibraheem Toy House.
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My children love crafts activities so I was certain my daughter would enjoy this product very much.....and she totally did! She needed support with the backward stitch which is slightly tougher to master for younger children than the standard straight/up,down stitch that we have been concentrating on in our homeschool. However, she didn't let it phase her and was eager to have a go and complete her project. This product is wonderful because it teaches children so much, hand eye coordination, creativity, such a sense of achievement having created their own doll and it's great fun! My only heads-up would be that it's probably suited for slightly older children.....7+ in my opinion. It's perfectly fine for younger children also (my daughter is 5) but, may require adult supervision and support if younger children are having a go.

Mrs. Hutchinson's Classroom Guides.
Homeschool basics $7.00/ £4.11
Planning and organising $7.00/ £4.11
Make Homeschool Fun-available August.
eBooks available online at 

I have found the Alicia Hutchinson blog helpful and I would recommend a visit especially to check out these wonderful classroom guides she has made available. In my opinion they are an asset to any structured homeschool and I cannot wait for 'Make homeschool fun' to become available. Alicia is also a very warm, personable and helpful homeschooling mum who takes the time and effort to assist others in any way she can. I appreciate that characteristic in an individual and it drew me to her immediately. Check out her blog and the guides at