Umrah trip ideas.

Travel folders or boxes for each child. They consist of lots of activities, reading material, a journal and small projects to keep each child occupied. Each folder ideally is tailored to the likes and interests of the child.

Handbooks. The children made handbooks about their umrah trip and what the rights of umrah are. This was an excellent way for them to be prepared of each stage they would need to fulfil in order to complete their small pilgrimage.

Handbook page 1.

Handbook page 2

Handbook page 3

Handbook page 4

Handbook page 5

Handbook page 6

Handbook page 7

Handbook page 8

We covered the umrah guidelines and discussed the significance and importance of the rituals. It built a lot of excitement in my children and gave them the opportunity to ask questions about things they were unclear about. We also talked about dua and they had a dua book (the middle frame) in which they noted any particular supplications they wanted to make for themselves and others as not to forget anyone.

My 5 year old daughter busy in Masjid Al Nabawi, Madinah, making bracelets and accessories in between salaahs.

The children would make notes and draw many pictures of the famous sights. Drawing of jabal al Nur, the dry, rocky Mountain of Light in Makkah with the quad bike that the children had a go on for fun whilst we were there.

ID Tags. I typed important information for the children, laminated it, cut to size and hole punched the top to add cheap lanyards. I also purchased ID wrist bands from Boots (travel section) and the children kept those on too. However, they did complain they weren't very comfortable.

Lots of reading material to enjoy and discuss during our trip.

Travel/daily essentials....mushuf, dua book, tusbe etc.

These ideas can be adapted to your personal travels and incorporated into schooling whilst travelling with children.